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杜邦推出硅酮母粒用于薄膜BOPP薄膜和流延膜  发帖心情 Post By:2019/4/24 13:03:00 [只看该作者]

杜邦will present at the AMI Plastic Pouches 2019 conference its advanced, silicone-based technologies that enhance polyolefin film packaging. On April 2, at 3:20pm Central European Time (CET), Patrick Prêle, research & development engineer and technical support engineer for silicone masterbatches, will give a technical presentation, titled “The Benefits New Silicone-based Masterbatches Bring to Polyolefin Film Used in Packaging Applications.” The company will also host a display in the exhibition area at Table 11号.

Optimization of Flexible Packaging Production

As a feature of Prêle’s talk, he will discuss the optimization of flexible packaging production using DowDuPont’s newest technology, DOW CORNING? MB25-235 Masterbatch, which enables a significantly reduction of the coefficient of friction (COF) in low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film.

Approval for Food Contact Applications

Its other advantages include stable, long-lasting performance, no migration to the film surface and approval for food contact applications in the United States, the European Union and China. In his presentation he will also cover DOW CORNING? HMB-6301 Masterbatch, which is engineered for bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and PP cast films used in food pouches and other packaging.

Expert Prêle

An expert in formulation and compounding process development, Prêle began his 30-year career as a development engineer at Multibase, which was acquired by Dow Corning in 2002. He holds a degree in plastics and polymers from Jean Monnet University in France and earned an engineering degree from the Doctoral School of Lyon, also in France.

AMI Plastic Pouches 2019

AMI Plastic Pouches 2019 will be held at the Imperial Riding School Renaissance Hotel in Vienna, Austria, on April 2-3. Prêle will be available during the conference to answer any questions you may have about the company’s advanced portfolio of silicone-based masterbatches for packaging.

Source: DuPont